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About Us

One-to-one tutoring means the needs of your child come first. Tutors are skilled practitioners, who have trained for a year with direct supervision in an Orton-Gillingham program. This multi-sensory program helps children with dyslexia and other reading challenges, learn in a prescribed, clear sequence.


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Our Facilities

Serving Peterborough

Windy Row is located at the corner of Upper Union St. and Windy Row in West Peterborough.

In Person Tutoring

Windy Row Learning Center offers one-on-one in person tutoring in reading and math.

Online Tutoring

Windy Row Learning Center offers remote online tutoring in both reading and math..

Meet our Tutors



Our tutors are specialists in individualized tutoring for students with reading and math challenges, including dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Our reading tutors and math tutors will create a program that helps bring your child’s skills to grade level and restores self-esteem.