Delaying Kindergaren? Homeschooling? Let Windy Row Help

Parents want the best for their children, and it is painful to watch a child with dyslexia or other reading problems struggle through school, becoming more and more discouraged. Often a parent who is concerned about their child will delay kindergarten or turn to home schooling.

While these options may work for a child, sometimes all they do is delay help and prolong the problem. At Windy Row Learning Center, we tutor children from pre-school through ninth grade, and we know that the earlier we see a child, the better.

If your child has problems with rhyming words, cannot grasp the alphabet song or other sequences, has a family history of reading or academic challenges, or cannot follow games that other children his or her age can follow, please contact us. Any one of these problems may not be significant; but any cluster is worth checking out.

Whether or not you delay kindergarten or home school, please consider Windy Row Learning Center your partner in helping your child. Children with dyslexia and other reading challenges can learn to read at grade level, and the earlier they are helped, the more profound the benefit.

If you are worried because your child isn't ready for or thriving in school, please info [at] (contact )Windy Row Learning Center today. For more information about reading challenges, you may want to visit us on Twitter.