Developmentally Appropriate Tutoring: What Does It Mean?

At Windy Row, we tutor children in reading and math using developmentally appropriate activities. When we customize each reading or math lesson for your child, we take into account your child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive abilities and we work with your child's strengths. Every choice a tutor makes in developing an individual lesson plan is based on the child's development and interests.

For example, we might have a kindergarten child trace out letters in shaving cream or cover letters with glitter, an activity that might not appeal to an eighth or  ninth grader. Older students would engage in multi-sensory activities appropriate to their age and their level of reading or math skills. 

All the tutoring at Windy Row is one-on-one. The National Association for the Education of Young Children and the International Reading Association has published a position paper on reading preparedness and instruction that is endorsed by many educational groups. This position paper states, "Teaching practices associated with outdated views of literacy development and/or learning theories are still prevalent in many classrooms. Such practices include extensive whole-group instruction and intensive drill and practice on isolated skills for groups or individuals. These practices, not particularly effective for primary-grade children, are even less suitable and effective with preschool and kindergarten children." 

The paper also states that no one teaching method will be appropriate for all children. That is why Windy Row uses programs in addition to Orton-Gillingham, when Orton-Gillingham doesn't seem to match the child's needs. We have books on hand for every age group; children are more willing to practice reading when the content is age-appropriate. We have computer programs that children can use at home to strengthen their skills on their own. And our tutors are infinitely inventive. They are always looking for new ways to connect with and stimulate the children they are tutoring.

Windy Row Learning Center in West Peterborough, New Hampshire, provides developmentally appropriate tutoring in reading and math because it works. If you have any questions about our program, please phone or email us.