Different Is Defining: Words of Wisdom from an Adult with Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be not easily seeing what others see, or it can be having a different point of view.  How you perceive it can give you weights or wings.  Picasso, Leonardo DaVinci , Einstein, and Edison were dyslexic, yet we celebrate the fact that they saw things differently and because they did the world changed for everyone else.  In overcoming the difficulties that dyslexia can bring, often in early life, a person also learns skills and mechanisms that other are not aware of.  Everyone knows that when you confront and overcome a challenge you become a changed person.  You gain in confidence.  Your abilities are enhanced. You find out who you are.

Being dyslexic does not mean you have to be climbing out of a hole that no one else seems to be bothered by.  It can mean instead that you have a point of view from an angle that others are blind to.  A personal vision of that nature is a great gift.  It still takes the same effort that we are all called on upon to make that vision a reality.  But your particular vision is one of a kind, only limited by what you choose to do with it.  You define dyslexia more than it defines you.

Everyone is given a lump of clay and they have to shape it into a lifetime.  Only a few are gifted with a viewpoint and tools to imagine what they can do with that clay.  After the struggles with reading or math your vision and tools will be your reward for a lifetime.

Terry L Lantz, 63-year-old dyslexic