Does My Child Need Windy Row?

At the Wellness Festival in Peterborough, NH, one of the most frequently asked questions was some variant of "how do you know if a child needs Windy Row?" Many people also asked if a child had to be diagnosed as dyslexic before applying to Windy Row for tutoring.

To answer the first question, most of our children come to us when parents become concerned about their child's struggles to keep up in school. They visit our website or hear of Windy Row from word-of-mouth or from a teacher or friend. An otherwise bright and creative child may show excessive fear about standing in front of the class to read a report, take hours to finish reading even a short chapter, refuse outright to read aloud or have trouble writing the same word the same way twice in a single sentence. The child is slipping further and further behind peers in reading and writing and homework is a battleground. Whether or not that child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, there seems to be a problem with one or more aspects of reading: decoding symbols, recognizing letters and words, attacking words, putting together sentences and comprehending passages.

Problems with math may be indicated by an inability to put numbers in order, understand greater than or less than, connect the concept of "two" with the reality of "two cars" or "two apples" and figure out quickly how large a group is (for example, the dots on a pair of dice). The idea of time is difficult and there may be issues with performing tasks in order (first do this, then do this).

To answer the second question, a diagnosis of dyslexia or dyscalculia is not necessary before applying to Windy Row. In fact, a child who has problem with reading or math may have been misdiagnosed as developmentally delayed, underachieving, ADD or "lazy." We will look at any testing the child's school has performed. We test children ourselves (using Woodcock Johnson tests) to find out their areas of greatest strength and weakness in reading and math. Then we create an individualized program using internationally known instructional methods and over 10 years of experience to help the child overcome the barriers to reading, writing and/or math. If you are interested in learning about the many tests that can be used to determine dyslexia, click here.

When the need for help is there, we want to help. Our reading tutors and math tutors are trained specialists with extensive experience championing children from kindergarten to grade 10. We cherish every child's intelligence, creativity and courage as we give them renewed self-confidence and hope in their quest to succeed.

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