Dyslexia, Learning Disability & Other Scary Words

When you know your child is having difficulty in school, sometimes it is a relief to name the problem: dyslexia, learning disability, slow processing speed.

However, words can also feel like limits. Will my child outgrow this condition? Will my child feel inferior and inadequate? Will everyone stress the "can't do" instead of the "brilliant at"?

On the other hand, will a refusal to use certain words like "dyslexia" prevent my child from receiving appropriate help?

At Windy Row Learning Center, our goal is to help a child cope. We test enough to locate the challenge that your child has with reading or math, then we focus on strategies that not only overcome the challenge but help your child feel successful, maybe for the first time in his or her school career.

Your child's tutor becomes your child's partner, as together they move from not reading to reading, from math confusion to math comprehension and from impossible to possible.

Please don't let a few words stand between your child and the help we offer at Windy Row Learning Center. Phone or email us today.