Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Windy Row Learning Center located?

Windy Row is located in West Peterborough, NH in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Q. Are you a full day school?

No. Windy Row is an after-school tutoring program. We also offer tutoring during the summer.

Q. How expensive are you?

Windy Row is a nonprofit, supported through donations, grants and a sliding scale for tuition. Our tuition is based on income. We also have a scholarship program. We do everything in our power to make sure that every child who is struggling with reading or math receives the help they need.

Q. Can you work with children who have multiple disabilities or who are developmentally delayed?

We will interview you and your child to see if Windy Row is a good fit for your child but we are not specialists for children with multiple disabilities. Windy Row focuses on teaching children how to read and do math at grade level using the Orton-Gillingham and other internationally known instructional programs. Some of the children who come to us have been diagnosed or even misdiagnosed as developmentally delayed or ADD; they may have challenges with behavior and learning that are actually rooted in their inability to read.

Q. Do you only work with children diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia?

No. Dyslexia and dyscalculia are medical diagnoses and most children come to us without an official diagnosis. They are usually at least one grade level behind in reading skills, and often three or more grade levels. We test children to determine where they are having the most difficulty with reading (word attack, word recognition, passage comprehension) or math and form an individualized, one-on-one tutoring plan.

Q. Will you come to my child's school?

At the moment, no. We hope to be able to offer on-site tutoring in the future but we have no immediate plans. Right now we offer to tutor each child after school for one hour, twice a week, between Monday and Thursday. Summer tutoring hours are more flexible.

Q. What kind of children come to Windy Row?

Our students are bright, creative boys and girls who are struggling with reading. They vary in age from kindergartners to 10th graders. They want to learn to read but their brains decode symbols in a different way from other children. About 20% of all children have reading challenges--this is not an unusual situation--but very few public or private schools can offer the one-on-one, specialized tutoring the children need to learn to read. About 5% of children have similar problems with math; they also receive one-on-one specialized tutoring at Windy Row. Children with reading and math challenges may also have problems with executive functioning (ordering tasks) and processing speed, which we can help with.

Q. How long do children go to Windy Row?

Each child progresses at his or her own rate. Some children are tutored for a year and gain up to 3 grade levels of skill. Some children are tutored for 2 or 3 years and gain about one grade level each year. Without Windy Row, they would never progress in reading beyond the 2nd or 3rd grade. Our summer program ensures that gains made during the school year are not lost over the summer vacation, but instead are strengthened. We aim to bring every child up to grade level and to give them the skills to continue reading. Our success stories include students who were failing in school and now make straight A's.

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