A Further Thank You to Generous Donors

The Masons in West Peterborough recently donated $1000 to Windy Row. Here are (left to right) Jeff Allen, President of the Peterborough Masonic Association, Kevin McElhinney, Treasurer of Windy Row Learning Center, Craig Livingston, Treasurer of the Peterborough Masonic Association, and John Kaufauld, Board Member of Windy Row. These funds will help with Windy Row's operating expenses and with our scholarship fund, helping to make our services affordable for every child who needs help learning to read.

We received a $1000 grant from the Fidelity Charitable Fund which will also help with operating expenses and our scholarship fund.

In addition the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation granted $10,000 to Windy Row for purchasing updated reading and math evaluation tests and setting up an evaluation program. These tests will enable Windy Row to access the latest data on the issues affecting reading and math challenges, such as phonological processing, and to better target our specialized, one-on-one tutoring to each child's needs. For further information on the tests and program, please sign up for First Quarter 2015 Windy Row newsletter.

If you would like to join in supporting the work of Windy Row Learning Center in West Peterborough, New Hampshire, you can do so at the click of a mouse here. Thank you.