How Can You Tell If Your Child Needs Help in Reading or Math?

As parents, we often struggle with knowing when to help our child with a reading or math challenge: does our child really need our help or are we over-reacting, over-protecting? If you are worried that your child might be having problems learning to read or do math, you might use the following as a checklist. Any one of the items might not indicate a problem, but two or more should put you an alert. Does your child:

  • Complain of being very tired after studying for even a short time? Trying to handle homework with any learning disability is extremely tiring.
  • Refuse to read out loud?
  • Have trouble grouping objects by size or guessing at the number of objects in a group?
  • Seem unable to grasp the directions for games that other children that age are playing?
  • Express himself or herself well in speech, but not in writing?
  • Have difficulty keeping up with peers in reading or math?
  • Often get accused of being lazy or not working hard enough or underachieving in school?

You may hesitate to ask for an evaluation because you want to avoid having your child labeled as "learning disabled" or you may hope that any problems will disappear over time or you may be worried about the expense of one-on-one tutoring. But if you are concerned about these or any other issue, please talk with us. The earlier your child receives help, the quicker any problems can be addressed, enabling your child to experience success in school rather than failure. We will honestly and confidentially evaluate your child; and we have financial help available. Contact Windy Row today by email or by calling 603-924-7198.

Windy Row Learning Center is accepting new students for afterschool tutoring now or at any time during the school year. Let us help your child--and you--as quickly as possible. Email or call 603-924-7198.

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