The Marathon Runner & Dyslexia

You know how, when you're planning a trip to the back of beyond, suddenly everyone you speak to has travelled there? Well, over and over again, when I mention to adults the mission of Windy Row Learning Center, they tell me about their own or a family member's struggles with reading.

Dyslexia is now discussed in newspapers like The New York Times and in magazines like Southwest Airline's Spirit. In the August 2012 issue, marathon runner John Bingham stated, "I've completed 45 marathons and countless half marathons. Despite having dyslexia, I've written several books, all of them about running."

He  continues, "All of the failures of my life were rectified by succeeding in finishing the marathon."

In many ways, for a child with dyslexia or another reading challenge, every school day is a marathon, but one that ends in failure after failure.

At Windy Row Learning Center in Peterborough, New Hampshire, we turn failure into success. We meet the challenge of reading side by side with the children we see. Those children may at first be skeptical of their ability to finish but we keep step with their progress, ensuring that each new milestone is celebrated and becomes a strong foundation for the next step.

For children with dyslexia or any other reading or math challenge, Windy Row tutors have many ways to help ensure that the marathon is won. Please email or phone us at 924-7198.