Math and English Tutoring: How Parents Find Windy Row

Here at Windy Row Learning Center, we receive requests for information about our reading and math tutoring from parents who have found us in many different ways:

  1. Many parents have found our website by searching on the internet for local reading tutoring or math tutoring, dyslexia or other keywords.
  2. Teachers often recommend Windy Row if they see a child struggling with reading and math. Most heartwarming, those teachers often attend our tutor-training program so that they can bring Orton-Gillingham teaching skills into their classrooms and help every student.
  3. Other, more remote dyslexia centers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and other states recommend Windy Row for our school year or summer tutoring programs.
  4. Word of mouth is a great source of referrals to Windy Row. When we have successfully helped one family's child, that family is eager to tell others about our program.
  5. Articles in newspapers and magazines attract queries. Windy Row has been featured many times for the grants we receive, for our innovative One-in-Ten program, and for our achievements in helping children in the Monadnock Region.

We monitor our telephone and email, so that even if no one is at the Windy Row Learning Center to immediately answer your call or email, you will receive a response very soon. We are eager to share information about our program and to settle any concerns you may have. For example, many parents are concerned about whether their child will fit the program (answer: we interview and test to make sure), if they can afford our services (answer: we have a sliding scale and financial aid), if they need a formal diagnosis of dyslexia or dyscalculia (answer: no), and so on. No question is too sensitive or too weird--reading and math challenges affect the whole family and we are here to help.

Did you know that Windy Row has a quarterly newsletter that is filled with information about our tutoring programs and about reading and math challenges? If you or someone you know would benefit from that newsletter, please send us your email address. 

Did you know that Windy Row regularly has a booth at Peterborough's Wellness Festival in the fall? If you have questions about our program or about reading and math challenges in general, please visit us at our booth.

Did you know that Windy Row's One-in-Ten program is helping teachers to understand, recognize and respond appropriately to dyslexia and dyscalculia? If you are a teacher who wants to know more about reading and math challenges and how Windy Row can help, please phone us at 924-7198 or email us for information about the One-in-Ten program.

Windy Row receives referrals for math and reading tutoring from many different sources and answers questions by phone, email or in person. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.