Math Tutoring: Dyscalculia

Just two years ago, Windy Row added math tutoring to our program, using internationally recognized programs. The fit is logical. Many math problems are, first and foremost, reading problems; and many of the same challenges faced by readers (difficulty in sequencing, difficulty in associating symbols with their meanings) are also challenges in math.

Recently the National Center for Learning Disabilities came up with a list of Six Facts About Math. The article helps explain learning disabilities in math (known as dyscalculia) and what parents can do. As with reading challenges, early detection is important. Among early signs of a math problem are difficulties in:

  • Learning to say numbers in order
  • Matching a number (4) with that number of objects (4 cars)
  • Organizing objects by shape (a group of squares and a group of circles)
  • Understanding what is meant by "more than" or "less than"
  • Understanding the passage of time

Windy Row Learning Center is here to help you understand whether your child has a math challenge and what type of help is available. Please info [at] (contact) us.