"My Child Can Read But..."

Often children have problems with just one facet of reading, such as passage comprehension or reading speed. They understand and easily read individual words; sentences or paragraphs are a different matter.

I recently spoke with a parent who said, "My daughter can read but she doesn't retain anything. She reads a paragraph but doesn't know or remember what she read." This child seems to be fine with word recognition and word attack, but struggles with passage comprehension.

At another time, a parent said, "My son can read, but he reads very very slowly and he gives up before his assignment is finished." This child may have a slow processing speed or may be working so hard to comprehend each word, sentence and paragraph that he is exhausted by long stretches of reading.

Windy Row understands that reading problems come in a variety of shapes and combinations. Children who successfully read words but not longer texts are sometimes labeled underachieving or lazy or lacking in "stamina." Their situation is frustrating for child, parents and teachers alike.

If your child has any challenge related to reading, please consider info [at] windyrow.org (contacting) Windy Row Learning Center. Our reading tutors treat each child as an individual and have the specialized skills and programs to help, whether with individual words or entire books.