Reading and Your Child: May 6, 5:30 p.m. at River Center

If a child you know is having trouble with reading, you'll want to attend this talk on reading challenges at the River Center, 44 & 46 Concord Street, Peterborough, New Hampshire, on May 6 at 5:30 p.m. Stephanie Hood, a long-time New Hampshire special education teacher and case manager with a Master's degree in education from Antioch University will discuss the signs of reading challenges like dyslexia and what steps parents and educators can take to help children who are struggling with reading. She will also discuss writing and math challenges.

Stephanie is leading the 1-in-10 program of Windy Row Learning Center, to bring more information to educators, parents and the community about reading challenges like dyslexia. All too often, problems with reading are misdiagnosed as laziness, attention disorder or developmental problems. Sometimes, because children with reading problems are often very bright, the children manage to hide their inability to read from teachers and parents by memorizing or finding other ways to cope.

Stephanie will answer questions and hopefully reassure families. Questions may include:

  • My child seemed to keep up with his class until third grade and then everything fell apart. Why is he suddenly having trouble now?
  • I know my child is smart but she isn’t reading. I don’t want to label her with a learning or reading disability if she doesn’t have one. How do I find out?
  • My daughter always struggled with reading and now my granddaughter says she hates to read. What can I do to help my granddaughter?
  • My son is only in kindergarten. I know he’s behind the other children in reading but don’t boys just naturally read later than girls?

The River Center can be reached at 603-924-0935.

Windy Row Learning Center is dedicated to helping children learn to read; and this presentation is given in that spirit. The Windy Row Learning Center can be reached through this website or at 603-924-7198.