Start Your Child's New Year with Reading/Math Help

If your child has been struggling with reading or math the first half of the school year, call or email Windy Row Learning Center.

We accept children at any time of the school year and will adjust our fees to match the number of after-school tutoring sessions.

If you believe you can't afford one-on-one tutoring, please talk to us. 

We have a generous sliding scale for tuition and we also offer financial aid (scholarships). Our goal as a nonprofit is to never turn away a child for financial reasons.

If you aren't sure whether your child has dyslexia or dyscalculia, please contact us. We do not need a formal diagnosis to start. We just need to know that your child has reading and math challenges and may be falling behind the other students. Or maybe your child is keeping up but at a cost of exhaustion and stress.

We provide children with tools that help them to read more easily and fluently, which reduces both exhaustion and stress.

If you and your child are terrified of yet another failure, please talk to us.

Our tutoring is always one-on-one. Windy Row tutors always work at the child's pace. We feel that one of our primary functions is to restore to children the self-respect and sense of success that has been taken from them. Your child will never be shamed or made to feel like a failure.

If you know a really bright child who is failing reading, please urge the parents or guardians to contact us.

Many of the children we see are referrals from pediatricians, teachers, and other parents who have come to Windy Row. Their conversations with us almost always start with "my child is very bright..." We realize that children who are struggling to read are often extremely creative and excel in other areas.

If you are frustrated by the help your child has received so far, please contact us.

Our specially trained tutors use the Orton-Gillingham method and other internationally known programs for helping children to read and understand math. Public and private schools do not always have those programs available. At Windy Row we have trained many teachers in Orton-Gillingham, and we know how hard it is for them to offer one-on-one tutoring as much as they would want to. That's why teachers have no hesitation in recommending Windy Row.

If you feel you cannot disrupt your child now, please contact us about tutoring during the summer. 

We have flexible tutoring hours during the summer and can accomplish a lot to prepare your child for the next school year.

If you don't know how to find us, it is easy: just email us or phone 924-7198. 

Windy Row Learning Center is located in West Peterborough, New Hampshire, and accepts children from preschool to grade 10 for afterschool tutoring in reading and/or math.