Success Stories

Praise for Windy Row from a Grateful Family

"Our oldest son come to Windy Row about 10 years ago as an elementary student identified with dyslexia and learning disabilities and other issues. As a parent watching your child struggle in school because of these difficulties was frustrating. The school was doing their part but clearly that was just not enough. That's when we first learned of Windy Row. Our son was tutored there through his elementary career and most of middle school as well. The help we received was remarkable. I truly believe that our son would not have even made it to high school without the reading supports that Windy Row provided him. Our son as a high school student remembered what the tutors at Windy Row had done for him, and he sought them out on his own when he was working to earn a high school credit taking the EMT course through our local fire department. The material in the text book is challenging material, even more so for a person with a dyslexia. Windy Row was once again happy to help him learn how to study the text book. Even though our son had to take the course twice he passed with a 90%, as well as completing his first year of college successfully. We were all very proud of him, and once again thankful for Windy Row staff and their support system.

"It is now 10 years later and youngest child also has a learning disability in the area of reading. Once again watching her struggle and fall behind in 1st grade was heartbreaking. I remembered how Windy Row helped our oldest son and contacted them immediately; she has been tutoring at Windy Row for just over a year.  She is making progress and once again we are so grateful for the wonderful tutors that truly care about these children.

We would like to thank Windy Row for always helping our children and family. This is a service from which we feel our children have tremendously benefited. Windy Row has not only given our child expert instruction and much needed scholarship aid, but emotional support as well."

Most Improved Middle School Student

In the 2005-2006 academic year, a Windy Row student was named the most improved middle-school student in the Contoocook Valley school district for the year. Also in that year, each of Windy Row’s 19 students attained at least one year’s academic growth in reading, approximately 50% of the students achieved two years’ academic growth, and one student attained five years’ growth. These achievements are remarkable for severely reading-disabled children.

Substantially Above Proficient

At the end of the 2007-2008 academic year, we graduated a student who had been with us for two years. In addition to having dyslexia, he also had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome. We formed a close working relationship with his teachers. In the standardized New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) test conducted in the fall of 2007, he attained the test’s highest scoring category in reading, “Substantially Above Proficient.”

Proficient Level

A middle-school students came to us in 2008.  Identified with a learning disability, he had been unable in public schools to secure the frequency and intensity of instruction that he so desperately needed.  His parents faced economic hardship, so hiring a private tutor was not possible.  After a year with us and a more effective collaboration with his school, the student read at the “Proficient” level (the third level of four) as measured by the NECAP.