Summer Tutoring in Reading and Math

Summer is a time for fun—and the Windy Row summer program is set up for fun plus real progress in reading and in math. We offer individual and group programs during the summer to strengthen and build upon the progress your child has made during the academic year.

Are you a summer visitor to New Hampshire? During the summer, Windy Row has tutored children visiting New Hampshire with their families from many other states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut. Please contact us as early as possible to arrange summer tutoring that will fit in with your family's plans.

In 2010, Windy Row was the New Hampshire pilot test site for the "4-4-4" intervention program that was developed at Tufts University and that has demonstrated large summer improvements in students with dyslexia. Windy Row uses internationally known programs for students with dyscalculia (the math version of dyslexia) to help children overcome their math challenges.

In our summer program, your child will receive  one or more of the following:

    Orton-Gillingham program (reading)
    Specialized instructional programs for reading, math, visualizing and verbalizing
    Executive functioning strategies
    Occupational therapy

Your child will also have the opportunity to work individually, both at our center and at home, with computer software that tailors practice to your child’s unique needs.

Our summer program is for children with reading and math challenges, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Unique to the Monadnock Region, our program has attracted attention from parents and educators throughout the Northeast. Please info [at] (email )us or phone 603-924-7198 to sign up your child.