Summer Tutoring in Reading and Math at Windy Row

Summer is a time for fun and the Windy Row Summer Program is set up for fun plus real progress in reading and math.

From our very first summer session, learning became a joyful adventure. The proof? After camp, students eagerly headed home to practice some more!

We have two Summer Programs. Our 4-4-4 program is held for four weeks in early July to early August. It is held four days a week and four hours a day (including lunch). Along with reading and math tutoring, we have lots of group and outdoor activities. We also offer individualized tutoring to fit a family's complicated summer schedule.

Any child who is struggling with reading or math; is a former or current student of Windy Row; or who is falling behind in school because of a reading or math challenge is eligible to apply to the Windy Row Summer Program. Our Summer Program has attracted families who are vacationing in the Monadnock Region and has been recommended by other dyslexia centers in New Hampshire and outside the state. Our goal is to strengthen skills learned over the school year and to add on new skills, as well as continuing the Windy Row tradition of giving students confidence in their ability to succeed.

Windy Row's program is based on the world-renowned Orton-Gillingham method; however, we are not limited to Orton-Gillingham and have other methods at our fingertips. Our primary goal is to give children the help they need, not to box them into a particular method. In the summer, we may offer executive functioning strategies to help with organizing and prioritizing skills; and occupational therapy to help children with the fine motor skills needed for writing.

Do you know a child at home or at school who is struggling with reading or math? Windy Row Learning Center is here to help.

Email or phone us today at 924-7198.