The Value of Windy Row Learning Center

Windy Row Learning Center is known for our ability to keep costs down for our one-on-one specialized tutoring in reading and math, using world-renowned programs. Our costs include licensing fees for those programs, tutor salaries and the usual rent, phone bill, website maintenance and so on. Many of the families who come to us are unable to afford our fee of $55 for each one-hour lesson; they are desparate for help for their child who may be years below grade level in reading and math. We offer them financial aid because we are dedicated to helping children to read.

If children grow up totally unable to read they are more likely to end up in prison, on welfare and with psychological problems. Despite their cleverness, their career choices are severely limited. Think about what your own options would be if you lived in ancient Rome without reading a word of Latin or understanding Roman numerals. How would you get from place to place? How would you prevent being cheated out of your earnings? You would certainly never be among the fortunate in ancient Rome; and children without reading and math skills are not among the fortunate in today's world. 

But Windy Row Learning Center turns that prognosis around. We give the children the skills they need to succeed and the support they need to feel capable again. An adult with dyslexia once told us that even his severely limited ability to read seemed like bounty when he met someone who was not able to read at all. The children who attend Windy Row leave us as readers.

In addition, we are working with several school systems to help teachers become more aware of reading challenges and how to meet them in the classroom.

Please support our efforts by donating what you can to Windy Row's annual appeal. Or click on this website's Donate Now page. Thank you.