What Children Want to Know about Dyslexia

At Windy Row Learning Center, we know parents have many questions about dyslexia and reading challenges--and so do children. What we hear most often from children is that they feel "stupid" or "broken." They may have been told by other children, adults and even teachers that they are lazy and not working hard enough; that they are underachievers; and that they are disruptive, which you would be, too, if you were trapped in a room all day long facing failure after failure.

Dyslexia is nobody's fault. Every individual's brain works differently; we all have strengths and weaknesses; and those with reading challenges like dyslexia can learn techniques to help them read. Just a few centuries ago, suspicion fell on the few individuals who were able to read, not the majority who couldn't. Reading is a relatively new skill for human beings and is only one skill among many. 

Children with reading and math challenges need to know that they are not stupid or broken and help is available. They approach reading and math in a different way, and that difference has incredible benefits in creative thinking. Dyslexia is common among actors, musicians, artists and the most successful business entrepreneurs. All of those careers demand a unique and creative point of view.

No child has to suffer through 12 years of school unable to crack the math or reading code. Using Orton-Gillingham and other internationally known instructional methods, Windy Row brings children up to grade level and beyond through one-on-one individualized tutoring. Our students go from repeated failure to success, even to straight A's.

If you suspect your child might benefit from individual, professional reading or math tutoring, please reach out to Windy Row.

If you're an adult who has surmounted your reading challenges, please share your story with us and consider helping other children facing the hurdles you once faced.