What Does Windy Row Do?

Windy Row Learning Center in New Hampshire tutors children from kindergarten to age 10. We use internationally known instructional programs and methods like Orton-Gillingham to help children who are struggling behind grade level with reading or math or both. All our teaching is one-on-one.

Your child is assigned a tutor who works with your child throughout the time your child comes to Windy Row. Our tutors are specially trained and very creative when it comes to engaging children. Many of the children we see have suffered years of feeling stupid or being punished for behavioral issues because they cannot read and are too bored to sit still.

When your child arrives at Windy Row after school, the tutor begins one hour of individualized tutoring. That means that our tutoring homes in on the exact struggle your child has, whether it is letter decoding, word recognition, sentence or passage comprehension or a problem with math, such as sequencing. We give your child the specific skills and techniques to work through that struggle. Those skills stay with your child for the rest of his or her life.

We usually see children for 2 years and in that time we can bring a child up to grade level or even beyond in reading and/or math. We have had children make 2 or 3 years of progress with 1 year of tutoring.

Our charges are based on a generous sliding scale, and we offer financial help and scholarships. We aim never to turn a child away for financial reasons.

Please info [at] windyrow.org (contact us )today so that we can begin working with you to give your child the gift of reading.