What Makes a Great Reading or Math Tutor?

When your child is struggling with reading or math, a great math or reading tutor can change the situation around. But what qualifications should you look for in a reading or math tutor?

1. Training. Above all, tutoring a child who has reading or math challenges is not for amateurs, no matter how well-meaning. A typical tutor at Windy Row has undergone 45 hours of seminars and 100 hours of supervised tutoring before being allowed to tutor a child unsupervised. Tutors must master the techniques and goals of the Orton-Gillingham method and other programs for dealing with dyslexia, dyscalculia and other reading/math challenges.

2. Creativity. Every child learns differently--every reading or math challenge is different--and every response to those differences has to be appropriate to the age, understanding and interests of the child. To provide one-size-fits-all tutoring is to fail the child. At Windy Row Learning Center, every child receives individualized instruction from the child's personal tutor. Our math and reading tutors are infinitely creative in helping children.

3. Empathy. After years of struggling to keep up with their peers, most children with learning disabilities are frustrated and convinced of that they are "stupid" or "broken" or beyond help. One of our major responsibilities at Windy Row is to help the child see beyond past failures and to give hope both to the children and their parents.

4. Patience. Dyslexia and dyscalculia are caused by a difference in the manner and speed with which the brain processes information. Retraining the brain takes time. There are no shortcuts. Most children attend Windy Row for two years. They come for 50 sessions of math or reading tutoring each year, attending after school, 2 days a week, for an hour each time. But once they have completed tutoring at Windy Row, they have the skills to continue reading on their own. We have had failing students become straight A students, once their individual reading hurdles were overcome.

5. Commitment. Windy Row is a nonprofit in existence since 2003; we aren't here to "sell" tutoring. We want to help the children who need our help and support the parents who need our support. If you aren't sure whether your child will benefit from attending Windy Row, please speak to us anyway. We won't label your child. We won't pressure you. Our goal is to give every child the gift of reading.

Windy Row tutors excel in training, creativity, empathy, patience and commitment. We have helped hundreds of children gain the skills needed to maintain and exceed grade level reading and math. You can reach us by email or by phoning 603-924-7198.