What Parents Need to Know about Reading Challenges

Here are the top ten "need to know's" for parents:

  1. Often children hide their inability to read out of shame or confusion (they know they are different; they don't know why) and often dyslexia is misdiagnosed as a behavioral issue.
  2. If your child is falling further and further behind grade level, a reading challenge may be the cause.
  3. Children can be identified well before second grade. Early identification allows for early intervention.
  4. Dyslexia is not about reversing letters, although that can happen. There are many other signs (for example, being unable to say the alphabet in order) and each child is different.
  5. Children may "read a little" but still be reading so slowly that they get worn out before an assignment is finished. They may not be able to explain what they have just read. They may struggle to the point of tears with putting their thoughts down on paper. They may be unable read or spell a word the same way twice in the exact same sentence. These are all signs of a reading challenge, including dyslexia.
  6. Don't get hung up on labels. Trust your instincts. There is no drawback to speaking with someone at Windy Row. We are here to help, with advice, financial aid and referrals.
  7. Children are helped by one-on-one tutoring as little as two hours a week--as we prove over and over again at Windy Row Learning Center. But they need specialized, structured, individualized tutoring based on one of the nationally recognized programs, such as Orton-Gillingham.
  8. Windy Row Learning Center works with children from preschool through grade 10. It is never too late to contact us.
  9. Dyslexia is not a bar to success in life. In fact, more than a third of highly successful entrepreneurs are dyslexic--along with actors, artists, researchers, inventors and even writers!
  10. As a parent, especially if you are home schooling, you may want to consider participating in our One in Ten program, which explains how to identify dyslexia early on. Please info [at] windyrow.org (contact us) if you would like our program to come to your homeschooling association or school district.