Windy Row on Facebook

We're growing our presence on Facebook, thanks to new board member Susannah Batchelder. Come like us on Facebook and see what parents, teachers, and concerned adults just like you are talking about.

One of the reasons Windy Row Learning Center joined Facebook is to make it easy for concerned adults to ask questions and learn more about both Windy Row Learning Center and reading challenges, including dyslexia. We speak about "reading challenges" because children who come to us may not have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia and because some school districts and parents shy away from using the term "dyslexia." We don't want a word to interfere with our goal: helping every child to read at grade level.

We talk about "grade level" because many children manage to disguise their inability to read until 2nd or 3rd grade, when they switch from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." Their struggle might be shown by extreme weariness when they have to read--reading a page of text is exhausting--or by a refusal to ever read out loud or by an inability to write words the same way twice or by an extremely poor handwriting. Their inability to read may begin to interfere with friendships, as they cannot talk about favorite books, follow the directions for games, or use the computer the way other children do.

Finally, a struggle to read often turns into a struggle of self-worth: I must be stupid or broken or sick in some way if I cannot read but everyone else can. It must be my fault.

Our conversations and updates on Facebook enable adults to consult with us and with each other about the effects of reading challenges and dyslexia on their child and their entire family. It also enables us to celebrate the future by reminding adults about all the successful artists, actors, scientists, and even writers who have dyslexia. We are also happy to answer inquiries through our website. Please contact us, through Facebook, by info [at] (email), or by phone. We are waiting to hear from you.