Windy Row: How You Can Help

Here is a way you can help hundreds of children learn to read, children who would otherwise struggle to read at a first- or second-grade level for the rest of their lives.

Join the Board of Windy Row.

Sound frightening? It isn't! Sound expensive? It isn't! Sound like you'll be dunning every friend you have for cash? You won't!

So what will you do as a member of the Board of Windy Row?

  • You will meet once a month between 5:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. at 8 Windy Row (corner Windy Row & Union Street) in West Peterborough, New Hampshire. Our 1 hour meetings are never rambling and never go over time. We keep on task.
  • You will help Windy Row with the skill you love to use--writing, marketing, speaking before other groups, data entry, taking minutes at meetings, sharing your expertise as an educator or parent: Your choice.
  • You will join in decisions that ensure Windy Row will continue to thrive and that will give parents the financial aid they need to keep their children enrolled.
  • You will share your enthusiasm about reading with 6-8 people who feel exactly like you!

The days are long past when joining a nonprofit board meant you had millions of dollars to give away, wealthy friends, and a lot of time to socialize. Our board consists of several owners of small businesses (including my own sole-proprietorship), an employee at Franklin Pierce College, a lawyer, a retired college administrator, a retired teacher, and a banker. We range in age from late twenties to early 80s, with the median age about 50. Some of us belong to other boards, but some of us are first-time board members. In fact, Windy Row was the first board I ever joined.

Two articles mentioning Windy Row appear in the January issue of Monadnock Small Business Journal. One describes board membership in more detail and another welcomes our newest board member (Susannah Batchelder). I'm proud to say I wrote both articles, and even prouder about serving with people like Susannah and on a board like Windy Row's. 

Susannah joined by sending an info [at] (email) to Windy Row Learning Center. You can send us an email or call us at 603-924-7198. Everyone on the Board of Windy Row will be delighted to hear from you.