Writer Sally Gardner Describes the Gift of Dyslexia

Dyslexia occurs equally among boys and girls. Every child has his or her own struggle with reading, whether it involves word recognition, word attack, passage comprehension or some combination. Dyslexia may show up in spelling, reading, writing or all three. Here is how one woman writer (yes, a writer!) talks about her struggles and triumphs with dyslexia. Her name is Sally Gardner and her books include The Fairy Catalogue and The Strongest Girl in the World. 

"I strongly believe that dyslexia is like a Rubik’s Cube: it takes time to work out how to deal with it but once you do, it can be the most wonderful gift. The problem with dyslexia for many young people – and I can identify with this – is that their confidence is so damaged by the negativity of their teachers and their peers that it takes a very strong character to come out of the educational system smiling."

At Windy Row Learning Center in West Peterborough, New Hampshire, the creativity and wonder of children is celebrated; they learn how to deal with dyslexia; and they always come out smiling.