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You know how, when you're planning a trip to the back of beyond, suddenly everyone you speak to has travelled there? Well, over and over again, when I mention to adults the mission of Windy Row Learning Center, they tell me about their own or a family member's struggles with reading.

Dyslexia is now discussed in newspapers like The New York Times and in magazines like Southwest Airline's Spirit. In the August 2012 issue, marathon runner John Bingham stated, "I've...


Every year, Windy Row Learning Center participates in the Wellness Festival in Peterborough, New Hampshire where our tutoring program is based.

This year the Wellness Festival will be held on September 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center on Elm Street in Peterborough.

The Wellness Festival is great fun, with participants ranging from the tooth fairy to chiropractors and massage therapists and on to senior retirement homes. They answer questions, pass out information...


Is your child one or more grade levels behind in reading or math?

Is your child struggling with concepts such as first to last, large to small and alphabetical order?

Does your child have difficulty following game directions that other children seem to handle without trouble?

Has your child's teacher or pediatrician or another concerned adult wondered if your child might have a reading or math challenge?

Windy Row Learning Center can help in two ways:

  • We...

Well-meaning family members, friends and even teachers may try to calm your worried about your child's reading (or math) challenges with one of the following statements:

  • "She'll grow out of it." If your child is behind grade level in reading, the chances are she will not grow out of it, especially if she is already in or beyond 3rd grade. As we often say at Windy Row, up until 3rd grade children are learning to read; after that, they are reading to learn. If your child cannot...

Many parents reach out to us at this time of year to find out about Windy Row Learning Center's afterschool program. They know how difficult the previous school year was for their child, and they want to ease the situation for the coming year. Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive:

Q. My child was never diagnosed with dyslexia or dyscalculia. Is that okay?

A. Yes. We test at Windy Row to find out where exactly your child is having trouble with...


Dyslexia is generally assumed to involve "phonological processing" or the ability to attach sounds to letters and words. Children with dyslexia have difficulty with phonological processing; there is a disconnect between the brain's seeing a word (visual) and recognizing its sound (verbal). The Orton-Gillingham method and others like it stress multisensory methods of stimulating the brain and working around this disconnect, improving phonological processing phoneme-by-phoneme.



Just two years ago, Windy Row added math tutoring to our program, using internationally recognized programs. The fit is logical. Many math problems are, first and foremost, reading problems; and many of the same challenges faced by readers (difficulty in sequencing, difficulty in associating symbols with their meanings) are also challenges in math.

Recently the National Center for Learning Disabilities came up with a list of...


Parents want the best for their children, and it is painful to watch a child with dyslexia or other reading problems struggle through school, becoming more and more discouraged. Often a parent who is concerned about their child will delay kindergarten or turn to home schooling.

While these options may work for a child, sometimes all they do is delay help and prolong the problem. At Windy Row Learning Center, we tutor children from pre-school through ninth grade, and we know that the...


When parents bring a child to Windy Row, they add a partner to home and school in helping their child learn to read.

Windy Row is an afterschool tutoring program for children who are behind grade level in reading and/or math. Our program attracts students from throughout the Monadnock Region from both private and public schools. Teachers often refer students to us; in fact, we've had referrals from schools as far away as Massachusetts.

In addition our 1-in-10 program for...


If you have every felt alone in your struggles to help a child with dyslexia or other reading challenges, please read the wonderful Mother's Day blog by the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

Although this article focuses on the influence of mothers, we have found that adults with dyslexia all speak with deep gratitude toward that one person in their lives who said the right thing at the right...


Windy Row's summer program will start soon. We have two very successful programs for children with reading or math challenges:

  1. Our 4-4-4 summer day camp provides 4 hours of fun and reading/math-related activity, 4 times a week for 4 weeks. This wonderful program helps to maintain and strengthen skills and is a great introduction to Windy Row Learning Center for parents and children who are considering tutoring during the coming school year. Please contact us right away if you...

We're about to mail and email our 2nd quarter newsletter. Each quarter the Windy Row newsletter addresses topics of interest to parents, educators, donors and anyone who knows a child who is struggling with reading or math. In past issues, we have provided success stories about some of the children who have attended Windy Row Learning Center; we have thanked our donors; we have explained our services and introduced some of our tutors; we have described a typical day at Windy Row.



At Windy Row Learning Center, we often hear from parents and guardians who are hesitant to say that their child is dyslexic. That is why we stress our ability to help with reading (and math) challenges regardless of the official diagnosis. If your child is behind grade level in reading and falling further behind, please contact us. Even if your child does not have a medical diagnosis of dyslexia or learning disability, you are right to be concerned. Here are some words you may have heard in...


Parents are often the first to notice that a child has a reading challenge. There are many signs which may appear separately or together. For example, a preschool child might have difficulty:

  • Saying the letters in alphabetical order
  • Recognizing the letters
  • Providing a rhyme for simple words like "cat" or remembering the rhyming words in a nursery rhyme heard over an over
  • Pronouncing and remembering new words
  • Breaking words apart into sounds (...

Teachers from all over the Monadnock Region come to Windy Row for our specialized tutor training, which provides 6 continuing education credits from Keene State College. More intense than our One-in-Ten early identification program, which is a 2-hour workshop, tutor training involves 45 hours of seminars and 100 hours of supervised tutoring of a child.

Many of these tutors eventually become professional after-school tutors at Windy Row Learning Center in West Peterborough, NH. But...


Windy Row's 4-4-4 Summer Camp is unique to the Monadnock Region. We offer 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, 4 weeks of fun, reading help, fun, executive functioning skills, fun, and support for children with reading challenges, such as dyslexia. If your child is behind grade level in reading, our 4-4-4 program is designed to give him or her a summer boost, to strengthen skills and add new ones.

We also address math skills for those who are falling behind grade level in math.



Throughout the stories we've heard from adults with dyslexia and other reading challenges, one common thread runs: They are extremely grateful to the one adult who believed in them when they were children.

That belief could have taken several forms. The adult might have been a teacher who set aside special one-on-one time to work with the child. It might have been someone who simply said "you will succeed." As much as parents would like to be that adult, it doesn't always work that...


Every year we receive donations from individuals throughout the Monadnock Region and beyond who realize the importance of the work we do, teaching children to read. The specialized one-on-one tutoring we offer requires dedicated, professionally trained tutors, a location that we rent, phone and internet service, supplies and other expenses.

Our sliding scale for tuition covers some of these costs; thanks to our donors, we can reduce tuition for families who cannot afford it.



Here are the top ten "need to know's" for parents:

  1. Often children hide their inability to read out of shame or confusion (they know they are different; they don't know why) and often dyslexia is misdiagnosed as a behavioral issue.
  2. If your child is falling further and further behind grade level, a reading challenge may be the cause.
  3. Children can be identified well before second grade. Early identification allows for early intervention.
  4. Dyslexia is...

Dyslexia can be not easily seeing what others see, or it can be having a different point of view.  How you perceive it can give you weights or wings.  Picasso, Leonardo DaVinci , Einstein, and Edison were dyslexic, yet we celebrate the fact that they saw things differently and because they did the world changed for everyone else.  In overcoming the difficulties that dyslexia can bring, often in early life, a person also learns skills and mechanisms that other are not aware of.  Everyone...


The Windy Row Learning Center of West Peterborough, New Hampshire, has moved to the front of a national effort in early identification of children with dyslexia. Grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Bean Family Foundation, Target, and Makem-Imaje are enabling Windy Row to design the One in Ten early identification program and to present it to preschool and elementary teachers throughout the Monadnock Region.

Since 2009, the number of states mandating early...


Windy Row Learning Center in New Hampshire tutors children from kindergarten to age 10. We use internationally known instructional programs and methods like Orton-Gillingham to help children who are struggling behind grade level with reading or math or both. All our teaching is one-on-one.

Your child is assigned a tutor who works with your child throughout the time your child comes to Windy Row. Our tutors are specially trained and very creative when it comes to engaging children....


Dyslexic Kids provides mutual support among children and teens with dyslexia. They recently tweeted this note from 18-year old Adrian:

"Sometimes I feel really stupid because i read words different than other people. Sometimes I look really silly because i have to ask what words mean because even though I know them when people say them, seeing them written down is just confusing.

But i'm not stupid...


You may want to talk with your child's teacher about using these techniques in the classroom (adapted from the Dyslexia Way of Thinking website):

  • If you are doing stressful classwork, give the student time to relax for a few minutes
  • Don´t ask students to read out loud in class
  • Use group work
  • Give students notes when doing board work...

The New Jersey legislature recently passed bill A3605 for early detection of dyslexia. Here in New Hampshire, Windy Row Learning Center is proud to announce that we received two grants, one from the New Hampshire Charitable Fundation and one from the Bean Foundation for our new One in Ten Program which will educate pre-school, public school, and private school teachers in the signs of...