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Does your child have dyslexia? How do you know? What does "dyslexia" mean? If your child began to read but stalled in the 2nd or 3rd grade, can he or she ever read at grade level?

We've tried to answer those questions on the Windy Row Learning Center website but you may want further information. Here are a few sites we can recommend:

  • The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity run by Yale University's Medical...

Lots of people have trouble with math. It took me forever to figure out how to read a clock in first grade and I'm still not sure what 7 plus 4 equals. Occasional problems, a dislike of math or a preference for, say, algebra over geometry may not indicate a learning disability. Here are some of the actual warning signs of math challenges for 2nd and 3rd graders:

  • Counting on fingers long after the rest of the class are doing sums in their heads.
  • Making mistakes about...

Q. Where is Windy Row Learning Center located?

Windy Row is located in West Peterborough, NH in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Q. Are you a full day school?

No. Windy Row is an after-school tutoring program. We also offer tutoring during the summer.

Q. How expensive are you?

Windy Row is a nonprofit, supported through donations, grants and a sliding scale for tuition. Our tuition is based on income. We also have a...


Often children have problems with just one facet of reading, such as passage comprehension or reading speed. They understand and easily read individual words; sentences or paragraphs are a different matter.

I recently spoke with a parent who said, "My daughter can read but she doesn't retain anything. She reads a paragraph but doesn't know or remember what she read." This child seems to be fine with word recognition and word attack, but struggles with passage comprehension.



When you buy a wreath or donate to Windy Row Learning Center, the money you give us goes directly to our scholarship fund to support one-on-one afterschool tutoring for children who cannot read. Pay for our executive director and out specially trained tutors comes out of our operating expenses, which are separate from our scholarship fund. Wreaths are available on November 23 during the Holiday Stroll in Peterborough, NH, at both the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Conval High School...


In a little while, you'll be receiving a letter from Windy Row Learning Center, asking for donations to help us in our work of giving children the gift of reading. The children who come to Windy Row have often spent years failing in school because they cannot read. But with specialized, one-on-one, after-school tutoring, they can catch up to and even surpass their peers, going from failure to straight A's--we've seen it happen time and again.

We have been called one of the most cost-...


At the Wellness Festival in Peterborough, NH, one of the most frequently asked questions was some variant of "how do you know if a child needs Windy Row?" Many people also asked if a child had to be diagnosed as dyslexic before applying to Windy Row for tutoring.

To answer the first question, most of our children come to us when parents become concerned about their child's struggles to keep up in school. They visit our website or hear of Windy Row from word-of-mouth or from a teacher...


Dyslexia occurs equally among boys and girls. Every child has his or her own struggle with reading, whether it involves word recognition, word attack, passage comprehension or some combination. Dyslexia may show up in spelling, reading, writing or all three. Here is how one woman writer (yes, a writer!) talks about her struggles and triumphs with dyslexia. Her name is Sally Gardner and her books include ...


Yesterday I went to a garage sale and made two great finds: a book by one of my favorite mystery writers and an old friend who agreed that joining the board of Windy Row might be just the kind of community participation she was looking for. My delight at her enthusiasm completely overwhelmed my delight in the book--because serving on and building the board of Windy Row is extremely gratifying. Give us a call if you would like to find out for yourself.

On September 23, the Peterborough...


"My greatest strength as a dyslexic is my ability to communicate...getting teams to see my vision with me." Eric McGehearty is CEO of Globe Runner SEO. He is also one of the 30% or more of successful entrepreneurs who have moderate to severe reading challenges. He speaks about the strengths of dyslexia in this video:

In addition to succeeding in business, Mr. McGehearty has a master of...